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Rothamsted Research is an internationally recognised centre of excellence and innovation for science in support of agricultural productivity, crop protection and sustainable grazing livestock systems. Our four core values are:

  • We pursue excellence
  • We embrace innovation and change
  • We act with integrity
  • We work collaboratively

Our mission is to deliver the knowledge and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.

Our primary achievement in the past 18 months has been that we have redefined our long-term vision and mission . We needed to reach more clarity about what unique contributions we can make to solving the big problems faced by agriculture in the UK and worldwide. We conducted a thorough self-assessment, scanned the environment and major trends around us, listened to many experts, partners and other stakeholders, and also shared our emerging thinking widely. Based on all of that, we concluded that we are an institute that prides itself on doing excellent, high impact science with an integrated agricultural focus, but that we also need to explore new ways of working. We identified four themes, or grand challenges, on which we will concentrate our research in the next 5 – 10 years:

1. Improving crop performance to close yield efficiency gaps

2. Developing smart plant and animal health solutions

3. Optimizing future agri-food systems to deliver a 'win-for-all' agriculture

4. Designing novel products for health

We are proud of our staff, students and visiting workers, and their achievements in the pursuit of science. In 2016 celebrations particularly focused on the significant contributions of women in science.

People are the most important asset of any organisation and we aim to provide the modern working environment necessary to allow success. We have been working on many initiatives including opportunities and support for professional development as well as our new career development framework that has led to clear and uniform job descriptions and career paths, including better performance indicators. Training in all its forms is very important for personal development. Offering high quality training for students and scientists provides them with a lasting legacy that they take with them in their future careers. We have doubled the number of new PhD students enrolling and we really want to further increase this, particularly through strategic partnership agreements with a number of universities.

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Scientific Technician

  • Location:  AL5 2JQ, Herts, UK
  • Work Area:  Science Capabilities
  • Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Field Trials Technician

  • Location:  AL5 2JQ, Herts, UK
  • Work Area:  Farms
  • Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Postdoctoral Research Scientist — Agricultural Sustainability Database

  • Location:  EX20 2SB, Devon, UK
  • Work Area:  Science
  • Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

  • Location:  AL5 2JQ, Herts, UK
  • Work Area:  SCIENCE
  • Vacancy Type:  Full Time
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